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Railways and Road Girders

Our capacity is ideal for infrastructure companies looking to outsource their heavy fabrication work to us. 

We are pioneers in fabricating launching girders, temporary steel bridges, loading beams, jack bases, lifting boxes low supports etc.

Why John Galt International is the ideal partner for heavy fabrication of Girders?


We are RDSO Approved Bridge Girder Fabricators


We have 6 fabrication bays of 20 meter * 75 meter span area each. Each of these have 3 E.O.T Cranes of 10/25MT capacity. All bays are concreted. Thus this is ideal for fabrication and assembly


We procure raw material directly from mills such as SAIL, AM/NS, Jindal etc. Thus there is no requirement of any check testing as the material is made to order


Being in Badlapur, we have close proximity to the port (JNPT - 30 km), the Railway station (1.5 km), good roads (our unit touches the main state highway), and the Mumbai Airport (63 km away)


We originally started of as Structural Fabricators in 1978. Over the years we have developed skills in welding, and fitting. We have been able to fabricate frames and girders of 70 meters length in straightness of within +- 5mm

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