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Military Grade Rugged Shelters, designed to provide secure space when you need it 

Technology acquired from 
Vehicles Research Development Establishment (a DRDO Lab)
Expandable Mobile Shelter


The idea behind developing such type of shelter is to create more working space in field & reduce logistics. The EMS offers a comfortable and spacious working environment. Expansion of the shelter is carried out on both the sides to provide three times the original working space. Hence it is ideal for specialist roles.

The EMS uses foldable panel type mechanism for expansion of shelter on both the sides. The panels after unfolding and locking will form a room for extra working space. The EMS fabricated out of Aluminium material and sandwich panel construction. In folded condition the shelter is like conventional shelter and can be loaded on vehicle chassis. The EMS has been displayed to various dignitaries and the concept has been appreciated. After conversion into Operation Theatre (OT) role, the EMS has been demonstrated to Army Units at Hissar. The user unit has appreciated the EMS with OT role and found suitable for their application at forward areas. This EMS could be utilised as variants like Mobile operation rooms, Command post, Mobile communication shelter, Field office, Field hospital, Mobile repair / maintenance facility and VIP caravan etc.


Working of EMS

Operation sequence of EMS (a) EMS mounted on vehicle platform (b) EMS (in folded condition) deployed on the ground (c) Expansion of roof & floor panel (d) Expansion of side panels (e) Expansion of end panel (f) EMS fully deployed on the ground

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